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View Diary: GOP Leads Dems By Five Heading Into 2014* (111 comments)

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    If Republicans can make the 2014 elections a referendum on Obamacare and the troubles it's faced, they will likely have a successful year.
    By election time, the Obamacare rollout problems will be nearly a year in the past.  Given that most voters seem to have very short memories, I have doubts that the website issues will play a serious part in the election next year.
    •  "voters seem to have very short memories" (4+ / 0-)
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      Sylv, ekgrulez1, OleHippieChick, wdrath

      Which is why nobody should sweat meaningless polls like this one (or be relieved by a few others that show Dems with a small advantage). Unless the public suddenly develop long-term memories, the botched ACA rollout won't be a factor come November 2014. The only reason all the negative coverage is even still fresh in the memory, is because there has literally been nothing in the news to OTHER than Obamacare and the crappy budget deal.

      The GOP are extremely fortunate Sebelius dropped the ball. The last thing they needed coming off a shutdown, was Obamacare being rolled out without a hitch. What Sebelius did was add to the perception that government is totally disfunctional at the worst possible time. She is also extremely fortunate. Any other admin would've thrown her under the bus. But, as ever, Obama had to do the heavy lifting.

      •  We never saw her give any interviews on the (2+ / 0-)
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        OleHippieChick, wdrath

        worthless Sunday shows, cable news, etc. No one in the admin besides the president countered the media. That there is my biggest critique of the administration's handling of this entire rollout.

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