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View Diary: 'Best' of Fox 2013: Day 4 (15 comments)

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  •  Today CNN Features Nina Easton With This (2+ / 0-)
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    5 reasons why Obamacare is still a problem for 2014 Democrats by Nina Easton

    Having read it (well as much as I could stomach) I wondered who the fuck is Nina Easton.  Well her wiki says she has been named by every organization in the world as the most praise worthy woman since the beginning of time.  But the truth was revealed with this entry:

    On November 27, 2004 she married Russell Schriefer, a Republican political strategist who was the senior advisor to the 2012 presidential campaign of Mitt Romney.

    The clencher is her (constant) appearance on Faux News.

    Here she is way back in September 2013.  Same story as she peddling on CNN/Fortune.

    If you haven't yet marked her down as a right wing nut job, be sure to do that.

    BTW, there is a need for a CNN "best of" for right wing nuttery.

    "I think that gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman.” - Arnold Schwarzenegger 2003

    by kerplunk on Fri Dec 27, 2013 at 11:35:29 AM PST

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