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  •  There are many more who will be helped by the (2+ / 0-)
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    teacherken, Libby Shaw

    ACA than hurt.  Why should they vote for Repubs who have actively done every thing in their power to deny affordable health insurance coverage to Americans who most desperately need it?  Do their votes for Dems count for nothing?  I no longer worry so much about polls.  If I had listened to the "unskewed polls" trumpeted in rightwing talking points last election, there is no way Pres. Obama or any other Dems had a snowball's chance in hell of being elected in 2012.  

    Your reasoning reminds me very much of the CW spewed by Faux Nooz and our useless, non-journalistic MSM in every election.  Gallup was a perfect example. According to them, ONLY Repub voters are important.  The vast majority who the ACA have helped don't and won't count.  Only the tiny minority who are negatively affected will determine the ultimate fate of health insurance reform.  

    Single payer would have alleviated most of these problems.  But, even then, Pres. Obama and generic Dems would have been doomed.  Doomed, I tell you.  Geesh.

    •  Yes but the polls were correct ... (1+ / 0-)
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      Not the 'unskewed' ones, the real ones.

      You ask:  "Why should they vote for Repubs who have actively done every thing in their power to deny ..."

      I answer: millions do, have done before and will again.  Most voters in this country are idiots.  I hate to say that but I firmly believe it.  

      Just a year ago, millions and millions of our fellow citizens who battle to stay off the poverty line thought Mitt Romney was their best hope.

      •  Your assessment that millions of our fellow (0+ / 0-)

        citizens vote idiotically gets no flack from me.  Unfortunately, you sure seem to be correct, as far as that aspect is concerned.  However, I still believe that those who have/will benefit from the ACA will garner a larger share of supportive votes than those from the relatively minor number of people who have taken a hit from the new law.  

        I try to be a realist when it comes to negatives that Dems must contend with each election cycle.  But, the naysayers always seem to be given the most blaring megaphones, and the sky-is-afalling crew are often incorrect.  IMO, spineless Dems who refuse to support middle class and poor safety net issues will create a much larger danger for the party than fallout from the ACA. We will see.

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