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View Diary: Alabama wingnut who called for throwing bricks at Dem offices now pulls gun magazine stunt (43 comments)

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  •  Why did user "dream weaver" get banned? (0+ / 0-)

    I never heard of him/her before today, when I looked up some of the diaries kos linked to today. Dream weaver made some valuable comments about US gun-violence. So I clicked on his/her profile, and was surprised to see s/he has "banned mojo", and last wrote a comment 140 days ago (as of today).

    I clicked on his/her Comments, and I see only one HR on one comment -- and it seems inappropriate to me (the comment received 20 recommendations to the one HR).

    Dreamweaver joined DailyKos in January 2013, wrote only one diary (a lame one, imho), but made 1,479 Comments.

    I have not read all 1,479 Comments! :-) So there could well be more problems there that I missed. Just curious.

    Does anyone know?

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