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  •  Great case study, (14+ / 0-)

    and many intriguing preliminary conclusions. Flowering does not respond to climate change in a simple way. The lengthening of the flowering season is particularly interesting - perhaps the first response to a major change, hedging its bets, with a narrowing later? Stable conditions encourage specialization. These times are anything but stable.

    Tracking phenology has never been more important. And not just FOY observations, which is something I'm trying to be more organized about. Lately I've been taking pics of unexceptional things, just to have a date-stamped record of when they were there to be able to note when they first WEREN'T. My distant pics of bufflehead stragglers for instance. That's who's left now here of them. Stragglers.

    Red Flowering Currant is in full bloom right now. Here's a clump of it in a field, growing amidst an elderberry, which is just starting to leaf out. Stinging nettles are far along - there's some at the base of this shrub clump. This is the primary host plant of the Satyr Anglewing which I first saw fluttering around last week.

    clump 1/24 Barlow field

    Stormy today in the islands. Big change from yesterday's light N wind and occasional sun. Wind 20-25 knots out of the SE, gusts to 35 knots. Gray and overcast, sprinkling off and on. Temp 48ºF.

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