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View Diary: Is It Time For OWS II? (119 comments)

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  •  Owe Us! (10+ / 0-)

       Let us start calling the new OWS "Owe Us".

        They have used the meme of "Takers" for long enough. It is because the 1% fear the 99% might actually start taking what they owe us: Like fair compensation for the productivity gains of workers since the 70's; like compensation for robbed pension and 401K plans that financiers profited from while workers lost out; like return of all payments extracted by usurious practices condemned in the bible and previously prohibited here until lawmakers coveting donations granted the desires of wealth-loving donors; like distorted payments those without insurance pay to hospitals while insurance companies get to negotiate payments of 1/10th the size for the people who pay them for this protection. The list goes on and on.

        The 1% don't work for their money, their money works for them. All the work that is done is done by us. They owe us.

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