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    The U.S. contribution to global warming is relatively small compared to China and other developing nations.  This article is focusing, to the degree I skimmed it, on this country, which is already making progress.

    The industrial revolution was based not only on machinery, but the fossil based fuels that powered them.  It allowed the green revolution which doubled the worlds population, actually tripled in my own life time.  About a third of these people are on the edge of starvation, or death by wars among desperate people of failed states battling to control the few resources available.

    Let us accept that global warming is mostly man made, but it is a byproduct of something larger, something less pernicious, which is the civilization that we now enjoy.  We can feel better if the U.S. is more green, but we continue to purchase manufactured good from countries over which we have no control-mainly China.

    When I think back over my own life span, approaching 3/4 of a century, and then project this time frame into the future, only one thing is certain.  That just as no one, absolutely no one, could have predicted the outlines of the future that is today, we will be equally wrong about what the world will be like in 2090.  

    There are immediate things that can be beneficial, like a treaty to outlaw the transfer of the greatest manufactured cause of death ever, cigarettes.  This is only impossible by the structure of our political system, where a small industry that manufactures these little killers can control the legislature of the most powerful country in the world.

    Study geography a bit.  The earth has had global warming and ice ages from the very beginning, once most scientist now agree actually covering the earth in a few hundred feet of ice.  No humans were responsible, and if we had existed no civilization could have stopped it.

    Let's focus on the possible, which is enough to direct our common energies to doing the best for the most of our fellow humans.

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