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View Diary: WAYWO: What did you make for Christmas? (46 comments)

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  •  Furnished roomboxes & re-purposed dolls/toys (10+ / 0-)

    to donate to a local cooperative that assists those in need.  I do not have any photos because my pc just died that housed them along with years of research etc. :(

    The room boxes go with whatever new dolls I donate so that a child will have something akin to a dollhouse to play with.  They are themed, wallpapered with painted chair rails & baseboards, carpeted & accessorized.

    Yearlong never ending projects that make my heart smile & hope makes a child's heart smile.

    'Tis funny, I "hear" my deceased mama & daddy when I make these items-long ago insisting that someday I would need to know measurements & basic sewing skills.  

    Although I still do not sew & actually avoid it, I find myself finally admitting how correct they were all those years ago, lol!   (thank you fabric glue gods!)

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