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  •  Re: Ari enters the world of Kos (none)
    YESSS!!! He looks beautiful. But I thought he was supposed to be a girl.

    (Remember last year when Mrs. K had the miscarriage and you got all those posts that basically went: "we had a miscarriage too but our kid is now in grade school/in grad school/sitting in my lap as I type"? Now you're going to have a story like that too.)

    •  Re: Ari enters the world of Kos (none)
      Yes!  We were like that too.  Come to think of it, the timing was almost the same too.  We got pregnant in September, had a miscarriage in late October, pregnant again by January and a healthy baby girl born October 30, 1996.  It gave me great comfort to have so many of the people that I knew share that they too had had a miscarriage and went on to have a healthy pregnancy.  It somehow made having a healthy baby seem even more precious.  
      Kos, your baby is beautiful.  Don't worry too much about sleep.  Things will settle down a bit by the end of the 3rd month (usually).  I have two kids now, age 7 and almost 5.  They definitely change everything.  It's a humbling and worthy experience to have your life be about something other than yourself.  We wish you all well.  Kiss your baby.

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