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    I had this quote, along with a watercolor mom chasing a child, in my son's nursery when he was little.  It's still in his room, discreetly, and it's still very true.  He's almost 10 years old now.  I'm a developmental psychologist so I know that relatively bad things have to happen in order for people to grow (e.g., the relative bad of being hungry forces us to learn to communicate our needs).  Yet I haven't shed my fervent wish to change my son into a Bubble Boy, wrapped in swaths of cotton so he can go through the world and enjoy its riches without ever feeling a sting.  Of course it's crazy, but nothing has captured the feeling for me quite as well as this quote.

    Be stout-hearted, Kos and Elisa.  Your innate tenderness will nourish your son well.  The flip side is, you'll be opened to new vulnerabilities that can sometimes take your breath away.  Be gentle with yourselves.

    He is beautiful... and he looks like he's on a mission!  

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