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View Diary: Free Money for the Poor--Could This Approach Work in the United States? (112 comments)

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    Once you are down,  it is very, very difficult to get back up.  This experiment shows that the difficulty isn't one of decision making, but one of resources.
    And of POWER.

    One cannot implement any program to improve oneself unless she has the power to do so reliably.  The current American system of supposed self-betterment -- incur mega-debts for higher education in the hopes of winning the rigged crap-shoot for a decent livelihood -- is unworkable garbage.

    The entire goal of the US economic structuring since Richard Nixon was elected president in 1968 (and most certainly after Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980) has been to deprive ordinary non-rich Americans of power over their own lives. From the utter extinction of the well-paid employments requiring only that one graduate from high school, to the destruction of organized labor, to the extreme dilution of even the lowest-level employment opportunities we're seeing today, it's all been about depriving us of our rightful power.

    IMHO at least, it's time to bring back the 1960's saying "Power to the People!"  And not to stop until ALL power is back in the hands of the 99%!

    Keep your Powder Dry and your Data Local!

    by thanatokephaloides on Mon Dec 30, 2013 at 01:47:41 PM PST

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