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View Diary: ACASignups: New updates from NY, CT, MA & MN (update: KY as well!) (67 comments)

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  •  As much as I am happy (1+ / 0-)
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    to have signed up for a great plan through Covered CA at only $55 a month, after not being able to afford health insurance for the past several years, I enrolled on December 15 but have yet to receive any bill from Blue Cross or any kind of confirmation whatsoever from either Covered CA OR Blue Cross that I did enroll for this insurance. But I have to pay by January 6 to have coverage start in January, and I really need to see doctors for a couple issues that shouldn't wait too much longer.

    Here's what I can find on the Covered CA online Q&A forum: #1, no kind of confirmation is sent out, either via email or regular mail, to confirm that you are indeed enrolled. #2, you should log back on and see if it says on your Covered CA account that you are enrolled (I did and, yes, it does show that I am enrolled). #3, there is a huge bottleneck in Covered CA getting the information to the insurance companies. And #4, anyone on the forum who made phone calls to either Covered CA or the insurance company they selected described a hugely frustrating exercise in futility. Most of them were told by the insurance company that they had not yet received any information from Covered CA about their enrollment, while being told by Covered CA people that everything looked fine and they are enrolled. And the insurance companies told people they couldn't pay until they received their paperwork in the mail.

    So my question is, what do I do now? I'm thinking I should probably call Blue Cross tomorrow anyway, as January 6 is only a week away. And what is going to happen to those of us who enrolled before the enrollment deadline but never got our paperwork from the insurance company so that we could pay before the payment deadline?

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      I just logged back on now, since I'm thinking about it, and everything looks so wonderful and so in order--except for the fact that I haven't gotten anything from BC. My page on Covered CA says:

      This page tells you the health plans you chose for your household. Each plan will mail you more information. As a reminder, your policy is not active until the initial payment (binder payment) has been made. Your health or dental plan will be contacting you directly to outline your payment options.
      And under the name of the plan I chose and the wonderful price of $55 a month, it says "Effective: 1/1/2014" and "Initial payment due: 1/6/2014." And there's a link to Anthem Blue Cross. So I click on that link and it brings me to a page that says:
      Thanks for choosing Anthem Blue Cross as your health insurer. You’ve finished your application, and you’re on your way to having quality health coverage!
      Next step: Your first premium payment must be received by Anthem Blue Cross before your coverage is scheduled to start – or your coverage won’t be activated. You’ll get a letter from us that will tell you how to finish your enrollment and pay your premium. If you have any further questions or concerns after receiving your letter, call Customer Service at (855) 634-3381.
      Once you get your Anthem Blue Cross ID card, you can register on – your easy and convenient resource to help you manage your health care.
      So they don't even give me a way to pay online, and I'm supposed to wait until receiving my letter from them to even call that number. I am totally at their mercy waiting for this letter to arrive.
    •  Well, whaddya know! (0+ / 0-)

      The letter showed up in today's mail, just in the nick of time! Funny thing is what it says, given all of the above: "We received your application, but the first month's premium was not included." At least it gave me a website where I could pay online immediately, which I did, and I also signed up to receive all my info by email, seeing as how I still have to wait to get an ID card before I can use the insurance, and that should be quicker than snail mail. So now I'm (almost) good to go!

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