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  •  "Traditional marriage" is constantly changing (8+ / 0-)

    In the old days, marriage wasn't about love, it was a business arrangement -- fathers exchanging their property (daughters) in exchange for other property (land, or livestock). Women were seen as an asset because they could bear children (preferably male children) to work the fields or the family business. This led to women (daughters) being seen as inferior and fathers started paying others to take them off their hands and reduce the number of mouths to feed (dowries). Women who could not bear children were seen as "barren" and put out of the house -- lack of children was always assumed to be the woman's fault, even though the fault could have been with the man.

    There's only one rule that I know of, babies -- goddammit, you've got to be kind. -- Kurt Vonnegut

    by Cali Scribe on Tue Dec 31, 2013 at 11:14:39 AM PST

    •  Of course it used to be political: (4+ / 0-)
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      Chi, sfbob, Calamity Jean, SeekCa

      Marie Antoinette was the daughter of Maria Theresa of Austria. In 1914, the King of England, the Czar of Russia, and the Kaiser of Germany were all cousins, and went to war against one another.

      Pope Francis: the Thumb of Christ in the eyes of the Pharisees.

      by commonmass on Tue Dec 31, 2013 at 11:39:39 AM PST

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    •  As I mentioned in a similar comment above, I'm (0+ / 0-)

      with you for the most part.  In fact, I've made many of these same points when trying to needle hard core right wingers.  I took a different tack this time as a reaction to recent incidents -- attempting (perhaps misguidedly) to adopt their rhetoric.  No harm, no foul.  

      Everyone wants to be right. Very few want to be accurate.

      by ThaMothership on Tue Dec 31, 2013 at 03:27:12 PM PST

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