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    I am pretty much in agreement with this diary EXCEPT in some cases case for older folks who have lost their first spouse and have some personal wealth.  I have seen the late in life marriage start happy, but eventually the actual goals of the spouse is to get control of the estate.  I know there are laws out there to protect against this, but honestly I have many friends who ended up not only heartbroken  from a dissolved relationship, but also less financially secure.  And if there are children from the earlier marriage, it can have devastating long term effects of resentment, etc.  I told my spouse that I don't intend to ever remarry if circumstances were such that I was alone .  Cohabitate ?  Sure.  But I will only marry once.  

    "Life is short, our work lasts longer" Rose Wilder Lane

    by HarpLady on Wed Jan 01, 2014 at 07:32:49 AM PST

    •  In fairness, I might have missed something, but I (2+ / 0-)
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      HarpLady, churchylafemme

      don't see us disagreeing on that point.  I don't have a problem with cohabitation, or with another marriage following the death of a spouse -- whichever is in folks' best interest.  

      The main point of the diary was that I really don't like people pretending that being anti-gay marriage is somehow the same as supporting heterosexual marriage (hooray for code words!)

      But, I've also been to too many weddings that were over before the honeymoon because the couple-to-be didn't bother making the even slightest attempt to get to know each other and build a lasting foundation.  And why not?  Because they figure they can just walk away any time they want.  

      We used to repair TVs until they simply couldn't be repaired anymore.  Now we don't even repair them once.  At the first sign of problems, we throw them away and get new ones.  

      If folks want to treat marriage like that, it's their business.  Not for me, thanks.  

      Everyone wants to be right. Very few want to be accurate.

      by ThaMothership on Thu Jan 02, 2014 at 05:49:17 PM PST

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