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  •  A good relationship (0+ / 0-)

    doesn't necessarily require marriage, in the sense that one can absolutely have a solid and committed relationship without one.

    However, marriage in the legal sense can make a whole lot of things easier in your lives once you've got that committed relationship going.  It's less to do with the relationship and more to do with a generally understood societal recognition of it.  (As you say in your case: easier for all concerned, under the circumstances.)

    That said, I didn't mean that "or at all" to reflect on your personal situation!  Only to comment on people who find their marriage threatened by anything about anybody else's marriage, in that these are people who clearly have serious problems of their own and should try to work those out before doing anything that requires maturity and responsibility, such as being married.  Nothing to do with whether or not one of them is actually closeted, which is what I thought you might be suggesting.

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