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View Diary: Military Family Finances - Not Nearly As Healthy As the Pentagon's Budget (38 comments)

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  •  True, but you feel very guilty (1+ / 0-)
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    if you don't try to help in some way. It's almost impossible to describe the needs that are out there. Like when both parents are deployed, and the grandparents have to take care of the kids, and the kids start acting out in school, etc.  When cars break down, and the pay is hung up because of a change in the system, and there's a delay in getting the car fixed. And people are worried about losing their job as a result. Stuff like that. When the news reports spike about action in the area where your troop is deployed, and your troop has to be out of touch for a while for a valid tactical reason. Then news about the sequester, and you learn that companies shipping stuff for your troop have to slow down production, to stay within budget. Things like that.

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      It's true. We all help in any ways we can. I've taken training after training in how to be a family support volunteer. And then I began to wonder what would happen if family support could hire more of those volunteers? Wow, that program would be incredible, don't you think? But there is never enough money. And we end up losing many good volunteers to burnout. There is just so much to be done.

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