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View Diary: Military Family Finances - Not Nearly As Healthy As the Pentagon's Budget (38 comments)

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    1.  When living in Japan, family contacted military to have mom informed of the death of a grandmother.  Military chaplin didn't notify us for a month after having received the news.

    2.  Dad was stationed in Ossan, Korea and sister had to have emergency surgery for appendix removal.  Military refused to notify, told us that we had to go through Red Cross.

    3.  When living in Italy, the base didn't have an eye doctor.  School teachers ended up putting lots of pressure on someone to have me sent to Naples to have my eyes checked.  The first time was told that I was making things up.  Second time finally got the glasses I needed the year earlier.

    4.  Had fever of 104.5 for 3 weeks the base hospital kept telling mom that it was normal for 10 year olds to have that high of a temp for that long.  It was Scarlet Fever and had morphed into Rheumatic Fever and it took the hospital boss to be somewhat dressed down my mom when he accidentally walked through the ER area and saw us sitting in the hallway for me to actually get treatment (which did involve a plane being ordered to the runway and wait for blood samples to be taken to a base that had the equipment to do the work - but then again when the hospital commanding officer says jump, you don't question).

    5.  The trunk of the car fell on my hand and should have shattered all 4 bones in the palm area of the hand.  Had xrays, not broken.  1.5 weeks later my hand was still going numb.  We were told that since the base hospital was down an Ortho doc, I couldn't be seen on base, cause a 'real' patient may come in... here's the paperwork to go off base (and that one was a quack - yeah, probably carpal tunnel, it'll go away..... 30 years later, I still have problems).

    Yep, the military surely does know how to support their families.....

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