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  •  We just stayed in a 200 yr old (7+ / 0-)

    New England inn.  They prided themselves on their "green," environmentally responsible practices - lightbulbs, thermostats, soap, laundry practices, etc etc.  

    Their toilet paper & tissues were from Georgia-Pacific. and proclaimed they were 20% recycled.  They asked for a review afterwards.  Ours was largely positive, except I went after them about their paper products - from Koch Industries which is one of the nations largest polluters and no friend of the environment.  I also pointed out that carpets made with Stainmaster treatment were also not smart.  Nor were Dixie products.

    No reply now, but I don't expect one.  I have noticed an increased prevalence of G-P paper towel dispensers, and where it will do some good, have started to make companies & businesses aware.  Haven't yet had the nerve to say something at the doctor's office ........ yet.

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