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View Diary: I just bought 13,000 acres and I'm giving it to the Forest Service (158 comments)

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  •  I am in favor proper forestry, including harvests (0+ / 0-)

    Traveling through the Rockies and Black Hills last summer and fall, I saw quite a bit of cutting in beetle killed habitat, and of course I saw comparable beetle kill areas in the parks.  I also spoke with a number of relatives and friends who live adjacent to that habitat, and are rightly very concerned about their safety and property.  I think that the Forest Service is right to cut some of those areas where the beetles have wrecked havoc.  Their contractors did a good job in the areas I saw.  There will be hell to pay where they haven't, and the Park Service's ideologic choices about non-management will not have served the public well when this all sorts itself out in 50 years or so.  

    And the jobs created by harvesting wood should not be lightly dismissed.  That matters in rural America.  

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