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  •  Not O.K. with mounting on the wall (0+ / 0-)

    because the specimens chosen for mounting are exactly the animals that should not have been killed in the first place - the largest ones, meaning those that have been most successful at survival and thus should be allowed to contribute to the gene pool. And in the case of fish, and particularly shellfish (those mounted lobsters you see) they are the individuals who generate the vast majority of the young.

    Sure, let the small ones grow, but it is far more important that the "breeders" be left than that some of the young, few of whom will grow up to reproduce in any case, are protected.

    The largest individuals tend to be tough and "gamey" in any case, a very poor choice for the dinner table. Choose the mature, but young specimens for maximum edibility and the minimum impact on the population. (We call that a "slot limit" when it is law.) Those who seek out the biggest animal are hunting for sport, not food, looking for something impressive to mount on their wall rather than sustenance. But unless the mounted specimen is an invasive species, I am appalled rather than impressed by such displays.

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