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  •  ps--they were shut down in Germany because they (2+ / 0-)
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    Joieau, ozsea1

    too expensive to REPLACE.

    Many of their nukes are already reaching the end of their planned lifetime (just as they are in the US). That whole line about "too cheap to meter" . . ?  Uh, yeah, that never quite worked out. They turned out instead to be horribly expensive money-losers. And that's why electric companies don't want them.  They're not in the business of losing money.

    In the end, reality always wins.

    by Lenny Flank on Wed Jan 01, 2014 at 04:56:02 PM PST

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    •  What? (0+ / 0-)

      They were shut down as a reaction to Fukishima.

      Where are you getting your information? It's 100% wrong.

      •  you asked why the Germans replaced nukes with coal (1+ / 0-)
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        The answer is crashingly simple----coal is cheaper.  That's why the power companies agreed to it virtually without a fight.  They WANT to replace their horribly expensive nukes with cheap coal or natural gas.  Benjamins.

        The electric companies don't give a flying fuck about "global warming" or "environment". Benjamins.

        In the end, reality always wins.

        by Lenny Flank on Wed Jan 01, 2014 at 05:28:26 PM PST

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        •  Agreed to it? (0+ / 0-)

          It was government action, not a business decision.

          You're simply making stuff up. If it was cheaper to shutdown the nukes and build new coal plants, the companies would have done it long before the German government made them, no? There was no law preventing them from previously shutting down their nukes if your 'crashingly simply' answer were true. Why do you persist in perpetuating this false idea? It was not cheaper to build new coal plants than to keep operating already built nuke plants.

          Obviously, the companies don't care about global warming, that's why we have to rely on government to make the right choices.

          Germany made the wrong choice:

          •  you're quite mistaken (0+ / 0-)

            Nukes have already been declining, globally, for years now, even before Fukushima:


            Why?  They can't compete economically.  (shrug)

            In the end, reality always wins.

            by Lenny Flank on Wed Jan 01, 2014 at 05:43:16 PM PST

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            •  Dude (1+ / 0-)
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              I gave you a direct link that demonstrated quite explicitly that Germany's reactors were shut down by the government in response to Fukishima.

              I'll quote directly:

              the first back-to-back increase since at least the 1980s, after Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to shut nuclear plants led utilities to burn more coal.
              Economics had fuck-all to do with the decision. Unless you have direct evidence demonstrating that the German power companies shut down their nukes on their own and built new coal plants for economic reasons coincidentally right after Fukishima, you're talking out your ass. And that's being rather polite considering all of the evidence you're flat out ignoring.

              another quote:

              Merkel in 2011 ordered the country’s eight oldest atomic reactors that provided near CO2-free power to be unplugged. She wants to shut the remaining nine by 2022.
              and yet another:
              To fill the gap, her government wants utilities to build 10,000 megawatts of modern gas- and coal-fired generators this decade, replacing older plants
              So, to summarize. You're wrong about this. Again.

              Now, if you want to argue that building new nuke plants is more expensive than coal. You'll get no argument from me.

              But once again, we're selling out our future for cheap coal.

          •  "You're simply making stuff up." (0+ / 0-)

            Less of a strain on you to have it made up for you, I suppose, but the money's all on the other side.

            Listen to something besides the voices in your head, someday...

            trying to stay alive 'til I reach 65!

            by chmood on Thu Jan 02, 2014 at 07:40:51 AM PST

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    •  PS (0+ / 0-)

      Why would anyone uprate demonstrably false information?

      I mean, it's not even close to a difference of opinion. It's 100% factually, no question about it, wrong.

      This is a very, very odd place.

      •  classic case of projection (0+ / 0-)

        thank you for volunteering yourself for such an excellent example.

        You've been thoroughly pwnd. Now, go away.

        “Vote for the party closest to you, but work for the movement you love.” ~ Thom Hartmann 6/12/13

        by ozsea1 on Thu Jan 02, 2014 at 10:55:39 AM PST

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