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  •  Some time in the past... (7+ / 0-)

    ...I had a great Tai Chi teacher.  His philosophy of "same conduct" or constant mindfulness had guided him for 50 years or more.  When asked when was the best time to practice (Tai Chi), he would answer "all the time".  He would teach us to incorporate the movements into everyday life, a career-saving lesson for this (at the time) young carpenter.

    Now in my 60s, I tend to meditate while waiting in lines or in waiting rooms, long, ubiquitous telephone holds, that lovely time of day between first light and sunup...

    And yes, when I drive, I drive; when I work, I work, and when I play, I play.  "Unwanted thoughts" get easier to discard with age and practice.  And practice itself gets easier with practice and time.

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