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View Diary: The Teapublican Party wins 2013 'Racist of the Year' award (149 comments)

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  •  It has been a great disappointment to me ... (13+ / 0-)

    that we always seem to be fighting the same battles because of hate, greed, and the necessity in some people to be in the "better" people's ranks.

    I was warned by my zoology professor that I should not move to Florida because he said that racism was rampant there.  However at the time I believed in the "New South" and I thought that they were changing their ways.  Beside, Florida was one of the few places where the university had a strong field biology program as other institutions moved more into molecular biology.  In truth during my three years in Florida then and another two years later I very seldom witnessed overt racism. Certainly my major professor and my later post-doc director showed no signs of such an attitude. However the government in Tallahassee was more Democratic and I understood that racism was under the surface. It has now become a real menace.  

    Likewise both our daughters went to North Carolina to get their degrees. Again things were not as bad there (Chapel Hill is a bit different from much of the rest of the state.)  Both states have partly reverted, demonstrating that progress can easily be reversed if the wrong people get control. That the whole idea of racial superiority or even the biological idea of race is riddled with faulty non-critical thinking does not seem to impress them. Like with Dr. Seuss' Star-bellied Sneetches, some people have latched on to superficial differences to make themselves feel superior and cynical Southern politicians are again using that unfortunately too human trait to gain power and money.  

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