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View Diary: Fox News' hack has a plan to fix the country (202 comments)

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    Calamity Jean

    it will involve the following groups just spontaneously deciding to leave the country. Or just dropping dead.

    - LBGT

    - The homeless

    - Muslims

    - Children who have dropped out of school

    - Children who are in the bottom 20% of academic performance in school

    - Anyone who develops medical expenses they can't pay for out of pocket

    - Users of illegal drugs

    - Gang members

    - The criminally inclined (those currently in prison would be exiled)

    Also, personal duels will be legalized and regulated. Challenges are to be made at noon in public squares, to be conducted at dawn the following day. Choice of daggers, swords, handguns at 1000 yards, sniper rifles at 1 mile.

    Non-Muslim religions legal but heavily taxed. Fundamentalist Christians receive tax perference.

    And the ususal absence of government regulations, taxes of capital gains, corporate income, estates, etc.

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