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  •  Fox News' hack has a plan to fix the country (0+ / 0-)

    No one expects anything of value from a Republican shill like Hannity, but where is the Democratic plan?

    We have a fundamentally flawed economy.  It is unbalanced (jobs in some sectors; none in others); we import much more than we export (a $9 trillion cumulative current account deficit); we have lost numerous industries, because other nations have better technology (we need more engineering research); we reward outsourcing by both corporations and individual investors (why does an investor pay 15% on dividends derived from production in China or Korea?); the fixed exchange rate of Chinese currency to the dollar favors Chinese exports (Obama has done nothing).

    Democratic proposals seldom, if ever, address our problems.  For the most part, they create programs that ameliorate the suffering created by bad policies and increase national spending, but they fail to correct our fundamental problems to create jobs and stem the flow of capital from the U.S.  Even worse, Obama is negotiating a Trans-Pacific trade agreement in secret.  Do we need more bad trade agreements?

    Next time a Democrat politician (or any politician) asks you for a contribution, tell her or him that you will be happy to do so when they show you a plan that will address the real economic problems, and it is one that other Democrat politicians will support.

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