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View Diary: Your top 5 comedy television shows of all time (176 comments)

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  •  Narrowing it down to five is difficult. (6+ / 0-)

    Here's a few I like/liked.

    1.  Fawlty Towers - timeless situations, you can watch each episode 100 times and can still see something new, and you will still get belly laughs)
    2.  Laugh-in (revived a lot of Ernie Kovacs stuff, plus much original material, and pacing was revolutionary)
    3.  The Honeymooners (this spawned many blue collar sitcoms who copied the formula, The Flintstones, Roseanne, Laverne and Shirley, 2 Broke Girls, and many others, the King of Brooklyn (Kevin James delivery truck guy, not 100 per cent sure of the series name))
    4.  I Love Lucy
    5.  Tonight with Johnny Carson

    Tonight with Jack Paar, but a bit before my time.  There were many, many others, too many to recall them all, and my list is decidedly from an earlier era than someone 40 or less would generate, but this is my background.  The Dean Martin show, Carol Burnette, McHale's Navy, Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory, and many others.

    It was fun to remember these programs.

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