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View Diary: Kitchen Table Kibitzing 1/2/2014: Hot Soup! (149 comments)

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  •  eating my greens is the preferred method (10+ / 0-)

    I was laughing hard at that comment, though. I've eaten lots of cannabis and it can most definitely be overwhelming.

    A favorite example: my better half and I were up at the island with another couple one year for NYE back in the 90's, some best friends. We had all kinds of booze and food but were just wishing for some pot. So, I started looking behind books and all the secret places someone would have stashed something to hide from my grandmother. Lo and behold about a 1/4 of dried out schwag in a vase of dried heather.

    It was just crappy pot and we could smoke a whole joint each and get nothing more than a headache buzz, so we decided to eat it and see if we could work a little more out of it. My wife, being the only non consumer was amused and added it to her famous chocolate chip cookies.

    Suffice it to say, after a failed attempt at hiking in the blizzard (something we ordinarily would do as a matter of routine), a failed attempt at painting (something we did all day every day in our studios) and a failed attempt at cards (we couldn't count) I had to climb into the bunk and beg her to join me because I could not handle the gravity of the understanding of the knowledge of the sea smashing into the rocks below and needed to confess EVERYTHING (lol!) and my buddy and his girlfriend had to hide in their bunk because they had a crisis of confidence about their painting ("it was all a fraud!").

    That shitty little bag blew us out of the water, regular consumers of high grade cannabis.

    There should be a book. It's the one drug experience I never get tired of hearing about, the times people ate cannabis and tripped their asses off unexpectedly.

    •  Ha! Great story! (8+ / 0-)

      Yeah, my friend was operating under a number of flawed theories, one of which was that, since I had never partaken before, I would need more than normal to get high. I cannot begin to describe what a giant heap of that shit he unloaded into that teensy bowl of batter. Let's say you had two or three jars of oregano and you upended them vigorously over your bowl, under the mistaken impression that they had shaker tops when they did not. That approaches the quantity. I cannot fault the effect, although it wasn't how I had been planning to spend the week, but if the operative substance had been extracted into butter first, say, the actual breakfast would have been a deal less obnoxious to swallow.

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