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  •  $14 Million Dollars (2+ / 0-)
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    Since the Republicans would only allow $14 Million to Investigate all of 9/11,2001, the worst attack on American soil, and did waste $115 Million to see if Clinton was cheating on his Wife, it would be easy to say the Republicans are Politically motivated at the expense and lives of the American people.  The Republicans also supported Willard Romney who likes to Fire Americans.  How much have the Republicans spent on Benghazi? 3,000 here in America and GW Bush had 35 days to stop it since his hand picked NSA Advisor explained exactly what was going to happen if he did nothing, so he did nothing to Protect America from his Business partner's son.  He then gave the Saudi Arabians Presidential Protection to flee America before they could be Waterboarded.  Why have none of them returned?  Then GW Bush wasted 5,000 American and 180,000 lives for No WMDs, his Lie.

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