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    a maximum cap as well as a minimum. Oh no's socialism! All this talk about the economy seems to ignore the whole point of what the purpose of an economy is. Our present disaster capitalist economy is all about unlimited growth/profit for the global oligarchical collectivists, the psycho's who rule the world. This is detached from any semblance of a society that works for the common good for people and our stressed out planet. What is the purpose of replacing workers with either low wage slaves who work for unlivable money or automated machines that replace people? We seem unable to imagine a society that has an economy that works for the benefit of all of us. Greed unmitigated is not progress it's going backwards.

    Who cares about the race to the top or the new masters of the universe who is as the trader from Goldman Sachs said 'rule the world'. Time to stop believing that this is 'inevitable' and that people,workers globally are nothing but a profit loss or consumer's. Even that nasty cappie Henry Ford had enough sense to realize workers needed to be able to afford the cars they made. Why aid and abet our own planet and people's misery/demise and  call it the way forward or 'the world as we find it'. So insane to except this as the natural world order as it has always been called by those who want to rule the world for greed and power.

    Cap the top 1% and stop working for the 1%'s nasty agenda the one that always professes to be doing 'God's work'. BS it's the monkeys paw and it needs to go. Economies are human inventions and there is nothing inevitable about unmitigated greed and sociopath's who see the world as theirs to pillage and people as collateral damage or losers in their inhuman and destructive visions that Axelrod called 'the world as we find it.' Ass backward to call this an economy it's just the same old oppressive world view dressed up as the global free market where we all suffer while these assholes burn up the planet and humans are losers who need to sacrifice for the greater glory of banksters, entrepreneurs and the master of war. The market my ass.                  

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