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  •  Clear Channel debt sold to suckers (12+ / 0-)

    The Bain engine can only run if the companies they are sucking dry can borrow money from suckers.  Who are they? These publicly traded investor owned floating rate bank loan funds own Clear Channel paper as noted. Perhaps they own other Bain related paper as well:

    Ticker    Fund Name                                comment
      BGT     BlackRock Floating Rate Inc Tr     .9% clear ch
      FCT     First Trust Senior FR Inc II     1% clear channel
      PPR     ING Prime Rate Trust     1.1 % clear channel
      BLW     BlackRock Limited Duration Inc     1.9% clear ch
      JQC     Nuveen Credit Strat. Income     2% clear channel
      BHL     BlackRock Defined Opps Credit     2.3% clear channel
      JFR     Nuveen Floating Rate Income     2.3% clear channel
      ACP     Avenue Income Credit Strategy     2.3% clear channel
      VTA     Invesco VK Dynamic Cred Opps     2.5% clear channel
      NSL     Nuveen Senior Income     2.9% clear channel
      JRO     Nuveen Floating Rate Inc Opps     3.2% clear channel
      JSD     Nuveen Shrt Duration Cred Opps     3.5% clear channel

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