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  •  Paid trolls come in a couple of varieties. (3+ / 0-)
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    But I do wonder what it is exactly that a paid troll would DO here?  Write another "rox/sux" diary to add to the thousand we've already written ourselves?
    Easiest to spot is the corporate, image consultant sort, who has his talking points that get inserted whenever a subject comes up.  That doesn't make them trolls, what makes them trolls is what they do to people who challenge their talking points or provide a more progressive (or accurate) view of the subject.  The US gov't and military use these extensively, and this is the sort that I was able to unmask some years ago.  They probably have more resources now, and are able to work in packs or with multiple sockpuppets.

    The more difficult to spot, and much more professional sort, is the paid agent provocateur, paid to push the discussion into irrational or unproductive traps, and steer discussion away from anything that could challenge the position of whomever they represent.  Obviously, during election season, we see some clumsy efforts from the GOP.  The more dangerous sort follow the COINTELPRO model, and are probably contracted by the same people who opposed the civil rights movement and the anti- Vietnam war movement. If the CIA stays true to form, they probably co-opt successful, influential bloggers much the same way they buy off established journalists rather than try to home-grow them.  More cost-effective, and faster.

    These are not to be confused with (unpaid, unprofessional) lunatics, who may use some of the same tactics.  We had someone called 'RealityBites' a few years ago, with a pet issue (circumcision).  Write a diary about butterfly migration or Obama's golf game?  He would be sure to show up and explain how it all revolves around circumcision, and he could be relied on to go full Godwin now and then.  He was so transparent that he was amusing, and it seemed a harmless diversion for a while, but he was eventually banned.  And then there's the dittoheads who try to fly under the radar long enough that they think they can start subverting us with rw propaganda, but in their defense there are quite a few kossacks doing the same on Redstate.

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    by Kingsmeg on Fri Jan 03, 2014 at 09:13:06 PM PST

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