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View Diary: Bill Nye set to debate leading creationist in February (165 comments)

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  •  I don't know how to argue climate change deniers (0+ / 0-)

    Climate change deniers are, I believe, intentionally not working with an internally consistent logic set.  They have an agenda, and will say whatever they need to, to "back up" their assertion that the climate isn't changing.  I don't know how to have any useful debate with that ilk.  

    However, creationists have internal logic.  They believe G-d wrote the Bible, and every word is true.  I'm Jewish, and I can work with that.  We've spent a couple thousand years arguing the meaning of every word in the Hebrew Bible!

    I see no need whatsoever, to argue against the basic premise of G-d writing the Bible.  I'll happily stipulate to that.  And I'll agree that G-d means every word.  

    BUT, since if it is a fact that Jesus is G-d's son or even an aspect of G-d, and Jesus told allegorical stories, then we must begin by stipulating that words of G-d can be allegorical.  And if humans in general are capable of using figurative language, and we are not more capable than G-d, it must be the case that G-d, too, can use all manner of figurative language.

    That's the beginning of the debate.  From there, it can be done.  

    I wonder what Bill Nye's plan is?

    Everything is part of a system. Some people believe that system is science, some believe it is G-d. I believe science is part of G-d's system.

    by Anna Wise on Sat Jan 04, 2014 at 07:54:38 PM PST

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