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View Diary: Bill Nye Is Making a Mistake (339 comments)

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    Bill Nye is going to debate the Bible with this guy.

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      Some more contradictions: the book of Joshua says that the Israelites conquered and exterminated ALL of the pagan tribes in Canaan, took over their cities, and ruled the entire country, while Judges through First Kings are all about the battles for survival against those "already exterminated" peoples;
      one account has David already in Saul's employ before the battle against Goliath, while the battle story itself has Saul meeting David for the first time;
      another Goliath story says a man named Elhanan killed Goliath, not David;
      the end of one book says Saul asked his servant to hold his sword so that Saul could fall on it to avoid capture by the Philistines (possibly the origin of the phrase "fall on one's sword" as Scooter Libby did for Dick Cheney);
      and in the NT, Matthew and Luke have contradictory stories for how Jesus came to be born in Bethlehem yet raised in Nazareth
      (Matthew has Joseph and Mary living in Bethlehem, then Jesus is born, sometime in the next year or two the Magi visit, then they have to flee to Egypt, and when Herod dies they bypass Judea altogether and settle in Nazareth;
      Luke has them living in Nazareth, making the dangerous trip to Bethlehem because of the census, Jesus is born on the trip, and after the briss, and the sacrifice and presentation to Simeon and Anna in the Temple, and Mary's ritual cleansing from pregnancy, they go straight home, not to Egypt).

      And there are many others.  Nye should get some help researching them so that HE can quote chapter and verse glibly as the Bible thumpers do.

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