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  •  I wrote a poem about religion in politics (0+ / 0-)

    Arab Spring

    All across the Middle East, an Arab Spring doth bloom,
    and all the free world wonders if for liberty there's room.
    Amidst the din of pundits, there's one truth that I know.
    Without our First Amendment, freedom has no chance to grow!

    Of all the tenets in our brilliant constitution,
    the keystone without which all the others surely fall,
    it's not redress, assembly, speech or publication,
    it's separation of church from law that trumps them all!

    Good government can't be had without a fair debate,
    but discourse becomes fixed, if religion must abide.
    One needn't be a prophet to see an argument's fate,
    when one group makes the claim that God is on their side!

    - Steamdude -

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