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View Diary: GOP Asks Wisconsin Business: "How Can We Love You More?" (28 comments)

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  •  Disgraceful (8+ / 0-)

      I was going to post on this if someone else didn't (and I probably will tomorrow anyway, to keep it going), but this is a truly revealing meeting. Not only does it show just who calls the shots when it comes to Walker's Administration (and it's not the elected officials), the shameless greed of these oligarchs is vomit-inducing. These people truly believe they are owed every break and benefit that is available. For crying out loud, Hendricks is a billionaire that didn't pay ONE DIME of state taxes a couple of years ago, and her folks still want more!

      And the complicity of the Wisconsin media with the Fitzwalkerstanis is disgraceful. Not only for having every paper outside of Madison try to diminish and bury this bombshell, but because they never had the curiosity to demand the videos and attend the other "tax reform" sessions. They are allowing this corruption to go on, and are (intentionally?) being derelict in their duties.

       And why the Democratic Party of Wisconsin wasn't running ads on this naked corruption TODAY infuriates me. No, this should not be accepted as "business as usual", and a strong Dem platform exposing these things and hammering the Walker folks would be a big winner in 2014. But they don't seem to want to step up, so it's up to us to spread this wide, and clean up the Wisconsin we care for.

       George Carlin may be dead, but this sham of a meeting shows his words are as alive as ever.


    •  The DPW won't be running ads (7+ / 0-)

      because they hope to be getting $$ from the same corporatists if they come into power.

      Sorry if I'm cynical. Ten years ago one of Chuck Chvala's aides told me that if I wanted access, I needed to show some of that green stuff (and opened his wallet for effect).

      I know that the republican party hasn't learned anything from the caucus scandal (except for how to not get caught), I'm not sure the DPW has either.

      •  Cynicism , after the last 4 years, is warranted (6+ / 0-)

        there's nothing sacred to the republicans in this state, and the dem party  here has done nothing to tap in to the anger and rage building as walker and his thugs have run roughshod over everything we Wisconsinites hold dear. we managed to force a recall, only to have a repeat of 2010, where barrett ran a weak campaign and we got outspent by loads.

      •  Quick note on Chuck Chvala (5+ / 0-)

          For those who aren't from Wisconsin, Chuck Chvala was the Dem leader in the State Senate, and he and several others were convicted in a pay-for-play corruption scandal in the early 2000s, so Mike's story rings very true.

           The connection to today is that the GOP Assembly Speaker at the time was Scott Jensen, who also was convicted in this scandal, but got his felony dropped to a misdemeanor by a compliant judge and prosecutor in (where else?) Waukesha County.

           So what's Scott Jensen doing now? He's the main political connection for the school voucher lobby, and funnels big money to GOP legislative candidates. And Brad Schimel, the DA who threw Jensen's case in Waukesha? He's now running for Attorney General.

          If our Dem Party had any balls, they'd be running hard against this corrupt culture. But instead, they seem to be far too accepting of it, and the big-money payoff game that the Walker Administration has taken to levels far beyond anything that existed before 2010. Which is why we need a primary here to define the Dems and the winning guv candidate as the ANTIDOTE to Walker and Kleefisch's corruption, not as a "we suck less" option.

      •  I'm pissed at the DPW (6+ / 0-)

        They virtually threw away the recall because they don't have their act together.  They used it to raise funds, but it was the unions, workers, progressive groups and the organizations that rose out of the protests that made it happen.  

        And Mike Tate and his fellow Dems have scabs on their knees from begging Mary Burke to run so they can sit on their asses and not have to fund raise as much.

        They've thrown away every opportunity they've had and they've had plenty.  Republicans will win until we throw the DPW leadership out and get the leadership we deserve.

        There already is class warfare in America. Unfortunately, the rich are winning.

        by Puddytat on Fri Jan 03, 2014 at 10:07:39 PM PST

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