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View Diary: Pope Francis Packs the Vatican with Vulture Capitalists (142 comments)

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  •  Your description is fitting, but not for this (2+ / 0-)
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    diary.  It fits the character of the RCC, though, to a T.

    It was the RCC who for almost 2000 years that has been feeding the world disjointed Made Up "facts" to sell a story that would bring them unimaginable wealth and power. The history of this institution is one big long CT punctuated by murder, theft, political mayhem and cultural destruction. It continues to CAUSE poverty by denying power to women over their bodies and their fertility. It continues to deny and campaign against the human rights and dignity of gay and lesbian citizens of the world.  It continues to deny and cover up massive crimes against children. It honors people like Mother Teresa, who hoarded massive amounts of money while denying medical care to those suffering in her clinics.

    This pope and this institution continues to wallow in hypocrisy and then lectures the world on its materialism and use of capitalism.  

    So I'd suggest a reading of history on the RCC AND its offshoots (the Jesuits ain't no pretty group of benign sheep herders either) and then write your own diary. You can call it "An Apologist's Anthology of Eyes Wide Shut".

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