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View Diary: Pope Francis Packs the Vatican with Vulture Capitalists (142 comments)

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  •  What if the Pope publically rejects the "advice"? (0+ / 0-)

    Think of this scenario: the Pope calls in all these world-reputation expert specialist companies and individuals, they trundle out their patented crooked but politically  accepted "solutions" -- and Pope Francis says "That's the worst bullshit I've ever heard!" (though of course in a nicer way and without profanity) And then goes on to explain how these "answers" are immoral, wrong, cruel, unChristian, etc. Then dismisses them and their advice and seeks out just advisors. What effect would that have on the world media, business reputations, social constructs and general population? Pretty devastating to these high and mighty Emperors who have just been called out very publically for wearing no clothes.  Because you KNOW the Pope's admonitions and rebukes would be carried by every medium in the world, would cascade through the common people like a tidal wave, and create huge negative effects for the offending parties. There's no way these guys could avoid that. It would be a social force more powerful than their money and could not be cancelled or covered up.
    So before you start trashing the Pope on this situation, let's see how the game plays out. He may just be giving all these sinners enough rope to hang themselves.

    Ash-sha'b yurid isqat an-nizam!

    by fourthcornerman on Mon Jan 06, 2014 at 02:35:54 AM PST

    •  what an interesting fantasy, fcm, (1+ / 0-)
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      it demonstrates a lack of knowledge of how the vatican functions and certainly a deep lack of knowledge about the group of advisors with which the pope has surrounded himself.

      You have basically asserted an improbable fantasy and then used that fantasy which has many, many facts to argue against it, to trash this diary?

      Yeah, what if Boehner said to the TeaParty, "Go take a hike with all your extremist nonsense, I am going to work WITH Obama not against him"?  That has more chance of happening than your fantasy.

      Sheesh!  Imagining that your fantasy is grounds to dismiss the fact based assertions of this diary!  Do you know who the pope has surrounded himself with to make these decisions?  Do you know their history?  Do you know about Opus Dei and what it is and dedicated to and that it is now being given serious administrative roles in the vatican?


      Well, then don't push your fantasies as a logical rebuttal.  A complete waste of time.

      We Must DISARM THE NRA The next life you save may be ONE OF YOUR OWN!

      by SeaTurtle on Mon Jan 06, 2014 at 07:39:22 AM PST

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      •  I believe the idea of a Christ-like humble Pope (0+ / 0-)

        was a fantasy, too. However what isn't a fantasy is your single-minded devotion to a vast Catholic conspiracy out to get, I suppose, you in particular. Go ahead, you can keep that fantasy all to yourself.

        Ash-sha'b yurid isqat an-nizam!

        by fourthcornerman on Tue Jan 07, 2014 at 12:32:18 AM PST

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