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View Diary: Pope Francis Packs the Vatican with Vulture Capitalists (142 comments)

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  •  and you do indeed demonstrate, doc2, that you know (0+ / 0-)

    and understand very little about the rcxch, its theology, its practice, its history, its issues....  what study, serious reading, understanding of the vatican, papal and clerical culture have you undertaken? Obviously very little to none.

    I'm a Jewish atheist with no great historical love of the Church.
    You are simply taking things on face value and that either indicates that you do not look beyond the appearances of things regularly, that you blindly accept what a religious organization says and cannot entertain the idea that it would be in the same manipulation business as political organizations or simply that you just think that your opinion and world view is always fact and don't bother to be open and learn.  

    I find it breathtakingly arrogant that you pepper this diary with such disdain, yet admit that you don't know squat about what you are talking about.  

    Why do I think you don't know squat, because you do not argue from information and facts, rather you hurl emotional epithets, not based on information and reality.  And admit that you don't even have a cultural connection with the rcxch.  However, you still think you are qualified not only to give an opinion, but to berate those who are truly educated both by experience and learning?

    You say:

    This is ugly stuff, calling this....Pope a "fraud" when he has shown zero signs of being anything but a humble, ascetic man.
    OH, REALLY?  Just tell us how you have come to that conclusion (the humble, ascetic etc)?  Have you read extensively about his history in Argentina where those who know him, speak quite differently about him.  Perhaps you got the 'humble' meme when the media in concert started pushing that adjective not 5 minutes after he was elected and have not stopped since.  Makes one wonder if they have been given a script of talking points.  You have fallen for the propaganda about him.

    I am not disregarding the fact that he has made a stand against the luxury and pomp of the papacy, but there are other explanations for that, in addition to the fact that this is not his personal style.  And I dare say, he was chosen to stand in stark constrast to the absurd monarchical style of b16.  That is an image thing; if you examine his theology he is just as rigid and reactionary as jp2 and b16.  But you would have to study to find that out.

    Nor am I disregarding that he made statements against unbridled wealth.  So, how do you compare what this pope has said about the plight of the working man with what was said in 'Rerum Novarum,' which I am sure you have read and understood?  From 1891?  No?  Silly me.  One would think that with such definitive opinions you would have FACTS to back up your assertions.

    Don't make the mistake of thinking that because you don't know something, that it doesn't exist.  Your statements in this diary are embarrassing, yet you don't know enough to know that.  

    That is the 'arrogance of ignorance.'  

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    by SeaTurtle on Mon Jan 06, 2014 at 07:26:32 AM PST

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