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  •  Conception and Formation is the great truth (0+ / 0-)

    between Chapter One and Chapter Two of Genesis.
    In Ch 1 "God created" - hebrew word meaning to create as in the moment of conception - a masculine act.  In Ch 2 "God created" - hebrew word meaning to bring forth, form or give birth to - a feminine act.  
    Conceptual creation (energy) preexists formed creation (matter). It works with babies and it works with universes. And it is the difference between chapter One and Chapter Two of Genesis.
    The words of Elohim - let us create man in OUR image - male and female. There was no lesser or greater role in the image of God, whether male or female.

    The politics of religion is certainly a topic far beyond the scope of this diary, but to see creation as a male god both conceiving and giving birth to the universe, certainly twists the truth. But to stop at simply the human relationship seriously degrades the message.

     Aristotle, Ptolemy, Pythagorus, Euclid and some predating the christian world by thousands of years peeled back the covers on concepts like the One, Duality, Trinity, Seventh day of rest, Five fold grace and the twelve.  The ancient teachings of sacred geometry, numerology, astronomy and music, and yes, even cosmology constituted the full liberal arts degree of the well educated person living BC. Most people don't even know they exist now and christianity is enormously dumbed down because they were suppressed and hidden in order to maintain the political status quo of the church.  
    The Quadrivium, a small published book, gives an excellent overview of these disciplines.  I had studied the Bible for thirty years with probably more questions than answers until I saw insights in the "Little Book of Coincidence", a publication f the astronomy portion of the Quadrivium.

    For westerners growing up with a masculine god with the "accepted" view of the Bible, we have a difficult time shifting our subconscious values of the male-female relationship, and geometries based on unity of One, Duality, Trinity, the fibonacci sequence of life, etc.

    In my opinion, we have an urgent need in our collective mind to end the longest war - that war between man and woman, between masculine and feminine, destruction and construction, life and death. It is not intended to be a war, but a dance.  

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