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  •  Issues? We don't need no stinkin' issues! (2+ / 0-)
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    Why do we constantly read about "issues" when there are none? Unemployment is exactly the same as Immigration and gun control and infrastructure and food stamps....headlines for worry when there is only one thing going on in DC (and a number of State Capitols) - crush and ruin Obama and anyone who has any hint of approving of anything he says or does no matter what that might be. If ANYTHING goes well for Obama the worry is he might end up being thought well of. Take silly Romney - SORRY - Obamacare...THe left, progressive, liberal people knew from the first meeting that Obama was going to put in place a GOP style, right wing, giveaway to insurance Corporations and banks. Joe Lieberman, shill for the Insurance State (CT) made sure there would be no public option. Pharma and the rest wrote the damn thing. So today on Morning Joseph the conversation was how bad Obama care was because it wasn't progressive - it was a giveaway to insurance! Doesn't matter that what Joe had been screaming for for 4 years was - you guessed it - a giveaway to insurance. So the only issue is - Obama must go and the economy must be horrible in order for the next Senate, House and President to be from the Teaparty/GOP "moderates" like Rick Santorum, Chris Christie or Scott Walker. Only those "real moderates" will have the backing - $$$ - to actually effect the changes that Corporate America wants - For PRofit Water, Mail, Medicine, and Snow Plowing. One issue - tighten the noose around Obama's Legacy because his actual neck is kinda protected.

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