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  •  I am not sure why (none)
    but the 5650 number for June actually appears to be the original goal for recruitment. From an AP article, in early June, reporting on the shortfall in May's recruitment, Recruits harder to come by for Army:

    Others note that with only four months left in the budget year, the Army is at barely 50 percent of its goal. Recruiters would have to land more than 9,760 young men and women a month, on average, to reach the 80,000 target by the end of September.

    They would have to exceed their official targets, which range from 5,650 to 9,250 a month.

    So, apparrently they can claim they met June's recruitment goal, as long as we forget the part about it making "more sense to shift some of that quota to the summer months, traditionally a better season for recruiters to attract new high school graduates."

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