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  •  i am confused (once again) (none)
    I seem to remember the top military brass telling us that they weren't worried about the failure to meet recruitment goals because recruitment ALWAYS goes UP in the summer months and that upswing will more then take care of the current situation....but now i read that the army is using 'creative accounting' to make it LOOK like recruitment goals are now being met..

    does this mean they dont expect to see that UPSWING in recruitment during the summer after all????

    Also WHY LIE like this about recruitment?  lying to pretend goals were met doesnt actually change anything but the public that it? is this all about publicity?

    does the military brass think if people hear that recruitment is UP they will put aside their concerns about enlisting during IRAQ and run to the recruiting office???

    is our current leadership really that clueless about the state of things?

    OK the last question was obviously rhetorical <wink>

    "Not even Revelations threatens a plague of vengeful yahoos." H. S. Thompson

    by KnotIookin on Thu Jun 30, 2005 at 06:15:21 AM PDT

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