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  •  Solving their mess (none)
    I share your desire to look forward for solutions. However, there seem to be only two possibilities that are even remotely plausible to consider, given that the army is falling apart:

    1. A fairly precipitous withdrawal before the Iraqis can stand up their own security force and hope that the country doesn't devolve into a full-out civil war that may or may not bring Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc., in and destabilize the whole Middle East.

    2. Start begging for international and UN help to play a more significant role in the "coalition."  Obviously, this is going to require a lot of apologizing, owning up to mistakes, and probably require allowing US soldiers to be under a UN command -- none of which Bush has shown any inclination for.

    From a political perspective, though, it is important to note that #2 was roughly what Kerrey proposed when we was trying to be nobly forward looking on Iraq.  Didn't work.  I am not an expert, but I always thought it was more important to hold Bush accountable for the mess he created, since that was a more obvious point of difference between them -- even though that's more looking backward than forward.

    It's also politically useful now to try to apply pressure to the warhawks to do more pushing for recruiting and/or even try to get one or more of them to use the word "draft".  This will hurt them politically and perhaps the best way to make progress on Iraq is to first get rid of the people that put us there.

    •  The UN solution is the only real possibility (none)
      The UN solution is the only real possibility that I see.  I don't know why it isn't talked about more.  I don't care that the Bush administration would prefer to wait for hell to freeze over before they grovel for UN assistance. It is a good and legitimate proposal that should be given some air time.  It would also make Bully Bolton's nomination look even more absurd since a rampaging bull is the last thing we need in the UN china shop right now.

      Bush's complete lack of foreign diplomacy shows over and over again.  The time to cultivate allies is before you need them.  China, CHINA! is beginning to outmaneuver us on the diplomatic and economic fronts.  

      Tyranny goes with poverty;it's cheaper than democracy. (Larry Niven)

      by Fabian on Thu Jun 30, 2005 at 12:29:44 PM PDT

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