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View Diary: Hollow Army: Recruitment follies (96 comments)

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  •  The recruiting numbers will continue to improve (none)
    Creative bookkeeping will not be needed.....there is an economic priniciple involved here.

    The army will just increase the pay and lower the standards, and increase the sales force as much as is needed. THEY HAVE AN INFINITELY LARGE BUDGET. There is no way they can fail to meet their numbers goals. They are not gonna take any more PR hits on this. They don't care about anything else besides PR and enough warm bodies.

    No one can seriously dispute this. I mean, what are the major characteristics of young men: they think they are invincible, they like macho, and they like money.  

    Numbers of recruits is not gonna threaten Bush's War. They will continue to abuse the people they already have, until this minor and temporary shortfall is corrected.

    Reenlistments are, strangely, high.

    All in all, I would say that the recruitment issue is dead.

    DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THIS AS AN ENDORSEMENT OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING; just trying to be reality based.

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