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  •  <p>What's our plan?</p> (none)

    The first problem is that running the military is the president's responsibility -- and the president's right.

    Even a good suggestion isn't going to be taken.

    Read sometime about Churchill's heartbreak concerning Gallipoli. He pushed for the battle to be begun, but the military commaneers fucked it up.

    The second problem is that Bush has already taken out most of the possibilities. We went into a country with a functioning army -- they'd fought Iran; they were fighting us for the second time; that army would be the obvious group to enforce the rules of the new Iraqi government. Then they were dismissed. Ignoring the question of how many of them are using their military skills, and possibly their weapons, in the insurgency, that left us trying to build an army from scratch.

    Bush got, having asked for a list of important places in Baghdad to secure from looting. He ignored that list. I've seen teh claim that most of the stuff from Baghdad Museum was taken by staff and returned later; maybe so. But there still was a sense of "The Americans are here, and all law is gone."

    Unemploment was high; needs for infrastructure were high; we had lots of cash. We could have set up WPA-style building projects. We could have brought in generators. I don't mind a little payola; Brown Root isn't getting a tiniy fractin of what the tax-cut gave away to millionairs perfectly legally. But that was all those "Iraq-rebuilding" appropriations bought. The unemployed weren't hired.

    Not all the possibilities ignored are gone forever. We could still close the border. It would take one hell of a lot of troops, but it could be done.

    But we son't be seen as liberators. Not ever.

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