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    "the soon-enough to be potentially worldwide tragedy"
    The Tsunami Recovery and Fukushima Disaster are a terrible burden on the Japanese nation. As I see it, the South Korean import embargo against Japanese seafood and other international trouble makes Fukushima an international, but still regional problem.

    But potential World wide tragedy? Here is the flesh:

    If scientifically measurable and socially and medically meaningful radiological findings begin to appear in North America, or if matters like Korea's concern about Japanese seafood become a problem in international dealings between the US and Japan, then, yes, I then think it will be fair to call Fukushima a World wide problem. Also, given the human costs of Fukushima, should the disaster's consequences  attain international reach outside the region from contamination carried by the waters and winds of the Pacific Ocean, then who would not fairly call Fukushima a World wide tragedy?

    The World wide tragedy is not yet upon us and might not yet come, or least not do so convincingly. But the potential exists and the news about it always gets worse. And, if it is coming, it is soon enough.

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    by LeftOfYou on Mon Jan 06, 2014 at 12:33:04 PM PST

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      It's a tragedy for Japan

      It's a huge problem for the Pacific ocean

      It's a problem for the entire pacific region

      It's going to have impacts upon the entire world

      But don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to minimize the disaster or in any way support nuclear. A Chernobyl here, A Fukushima there, and suddenly, within 25 years - a mere teensy blip on the timeline of human history - and two huge chunks of the planet are fucked for…ever, in human terms. Not a good pattern to see coming into play, given 2 nuclear plants represent only 0.5% 437 plants worldwide.

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