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  •  "Why can't we just..." (9+ / 0-)

    It's because some won't let others live and let live that human rights struggle continues every day.
    I know what you're saying, and I see and agree wholeheartedly with the frustration. Personally, I wish that a human identity trumped all and that no one would be criticized for expressing their sense of self or group identity in any way (as long as they weren't being eeeevil).
    The best of human nature continues to inspire struggle from the chrysalis of fear and superstition and barbarism. I believe that's the only reason not to flee to the wilderness, and that's partly why I vote for Democrats. It's also why expression, affirmation, and celebration of one's (sex/race/gender/whatever) identity must be voiced and acknowledged and embraced, even when one wishes their existence wasn't an issue at all - just accepted in peace.
    But humans are still struggling out of the swamp of ignorance - witness the tea party.
    Thanks for a nice essay Dave.

    dreary enterprise: a dull haughtiness entreats; attention desired.

    by yojimbo on Sun Jan 05, 2014 at 04:47:25 PM PST

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