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     We already elect klansmen (0.05 / 19)

    Robert Byrd and Fritz Hollings.

    by Death of the Donkey on Tue May 24th, 2005 at 10:08:49 EDT

      Who is "we", Troll?

    •  Ouch! (4.00)
      1st.  the Name, DD, is trollish.  c'mon.  you came to instigate under the facade of "education" , "critical thinking" whatever.

      you're other comments were trollish.

      this one by itself is not trollish but i take exception with a couple things:

      1.  the NYT does have neocon writers. neocons love to blast the NYT as "that liberal mag" but love to use it for their purposes.
      2.  We had a chance to TEST if Saddamn had WMDs with the weapons inspectors.  If they HAD found something, Bush's justification would've had all the weight that it doesn't now.
      3.  THAT story is outdated.  we know that there were no WMDs, that Saddamn was impotent & checked.  NO ONE would reprint that story today & it have any weight.  HOWEVER, the same comments Tom Delay, Santorum, & the GOP made then STILL have weight today -- that's why it's valid to raise their points today.

      & that's why your post was invalid & misleading.  If you say the same thing today, is it true?

      The GOP's comments (besides displaying hypocrisy) still are true.  The NYT story is not.

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