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    The original sin and primary justification for everything the Bush Regime has inflicted on us, including Iraq, was September 11, 2001. Bush trotted it out again on Tuesday--a chestnut pulled out of the smolering ruins of the WTC.
    We as a nation have individually and collectively been in thrall of the real evildoers--we let them get away with it. Four years later, we have not had a criminal investigation into the deaths of almost 3,000 civilians. The forensic evidence has been removed, destroyed or kept off limits. Witnesses have disappeared. News stories contradicting the official story line have long disappeared down the memory hole.
    I am not a conspiracy nut and neither is anyone else for being very upset to this day about the lack of a thorough criminal investigation. To add insult to injury, the only reason Bush has a shred of street credibility is that there hasn't been another "terrorist attack" since the anthrax "attack."
    Think about that.

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