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  •  you obviously can't respond to the diary (4.00)
    ...Which offers a DEVASTATING indictment of your party's craven hypocrisy.

    So you do the old GOP standby, which is to bait and switch.

    I dare you to respond to each quote above, on its own merits, instead of trying to tap dance away from them.  

    Go ahead.  Tell us why those quotes above don't apply to the present situation, and make it good.

    Tell us why your Fearless Leader Bush keeps shifting his rationale for the Iraq invasion, and moving the goalpost all the time.  Tell us how all those quotes above show a consistent and coherent policy.

    You're pimping for a liar, which makes you an accessory to a lie.

    Death of the Donkey?  Nahhh.  

    Death of Honor, Death of Truth, Death of Deceny:  yes.

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